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Requirements & policies

To submit a paper to the CSKP series you must be a standing member of the North American Kant Society (NAKS). Your manuscript may be on any topic concerned with Kant's or Kantian philosophy, broadly conceived, and may be either historical or systematic in nature, or a combination of both.  

Articles should generally be anything between 5,000 and 10,000 words, accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200 words. Longer articles and short books will also be considered. Suggestions for critical notices or review essays on one or more recently published book(s) on any topic related to Kant or Kantian philosophy are also welcome. Such essays are likewise subject to blind review. (However, notice that we do not in this case provide for review copies.)

Papers must be unpublished when submitted but may be re-published elsewhere after publication on (with due acknowledgement), excluding the re-publication of either published or pre-print versions on commercial public online repositories or social media such as,, and facebook. Pre-print versions posted on these sites must be removed upon publication on Violation of this requirement results in retraction of your publication and its removal from our site. Links to the publication on our site may of course be provided on these sites. However, the published as well as pre-print version of the paper may be posted on your own private website, on, or on your university's website or (non-commercial) institutional repository. 

In order to submit your manuscript to CSKP, please correspond with the CSKP managing editors via this contact form. One of the managing editors will reply within 24 hours, and provide an e-mail address to which you can send your manuscript as an attachment. All subsequent correspondence takes place with the managing editors; please do not correspond directly with the director or members of the editorial board about your paper. Contributions itself should be ready for blind review, and therefore should bear no trace of the identity of the author. Manuscripts must be prepared as a Word file with no excess formatting, and should be formatted in conformity with our style sheet (if accepted for work-shopping and publication, your manuscript will be checked and edited by our in-house editors).

Our reviewing


The MS review procedure for CSKP is exceptionally fast in its decision process, exceptionally fair to authors and author-friendly, highly orientated towards original, first-rate philosophical research, and highly progressive. The call for submissions is rolling, with no deadlines. 

Once you have submitted your MS to the managing editors, your anonymised MS is distributed to five members of the CSKP editorial board, who jointly constitute the selection committee for that MS. Each MS will have a different 5-member selection committee. Each of the members of the selection committee reads the paper, makes a decision as to whether s/he thinks that this MS is ready to be forwarded to the work-shopping-&-publication process for that cycle, or not, and then makes either a 'go-forward' (GF) judgement or a 'no-go-forward' (NGF) judgement, which is then communicated to the managing editors. 

Normally, if and only if a MS receives a unanimous 5-GF decision, will it be selected to go forward into the work-shopping-&-publication process for that cycle of CSKP; otherwise the MS is deselected for that cycle. But we also have an 'abstention' value, aka AB, in addition to  GF and NGF, for cases in which editorial committee members either (a) simply do not have time, for whatever reason (say, hyper-busyness, illness, family issues, etc.), to read a MS within two weeks or (b) do not have a definite opinion about the MS either way, but are minimally OK with its going forward (nihil obstat) into the work-shopping-and-publication phase. Correspondingly, in such cases, a MS will still go forward into the work-shopping-and-publication phase, provided that it has at least 3 GFs plus ABs, and no NGFs.

For each cycle of CSKP, at most three MSS will be selected to go forward; therefore, every MS that is submitted after that three-MS limit has been reached for that cycle, will also be automatically deselected for that cycle. Authors are immediately and politely informed by the managing editors of their MS’s selection or deselection for that CSKP cycle, and no further comments of any kind about the MS are sent to authors at this point.



  • CSKP’s review procedure is single-blind, in favour of the author, 

  • a selection/deselection decision is reached and communicated to the author within two weeks, 

  • CSKP does not either accept or reject submissions, as with standard professional philosophy journals—instead, it either selects them according to the exceptionally 'high-bar' standard of a highly fair 5-GF selection committee judgement, to go forward into the work-shopping-&-publication phase for that cycle of CSKP, or politely deselects them for that cycle, and 

  • all authors of deselected MSS are politely encouraged to keep working on their MSS and re-submit them for later cycles of CSKP.


If a MS is selected to go forward in that cycle, then provided that the author agrees to CSKP’s policies regarding multiple publication, etc., three of the members of its selection committee automatically become members of that MS’s work-shopping team, who then work directly with the author for the next 4–5 months on the MS, seeing it through to publication.

Since the author’s identity is by then known to the work-shopping team, and since all members of that team are known in advance to the author, it is now fully understood by the work-shopping team and author alike that their collective work will be conducted in an unpretentious, friendly, collaborative spirit throughout: the sole point of the mark-up and comments, and the subsequent discussion of them, is constructive workshop-style philosophical criticism, and mutual philosophical exchange.

At the time of selection and authorial agreement, the author will receive more detailed information about the work-shopping-&-publication process.

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